Why Varanasi has a different experience to offer?


Place of ancient spiritual tradition.Life in Varanasi happens on the Ganga.

During the 10 days i was there on my first visit,I saw famous morning sunrise of varanasi,went on the river cruise(on a sight seeing boat), Got my body massaged,went to famous monkey temple.Experienced chanting of the mantras,the hymns along with fragrance of incence.

& of course, phtographed all ghats ,temples and people performing pujas.

Ganga Temple Varanasi photo.

I watched people offering prayers and the release of candles in the Holy Ganges.(Oct-Nov. is the time for Ganga Festival,is a Festival season.)

Rannagar Fort Varanasi photo.

I ate at some of the wonderful restaurants on ganga ghats.

Ganga ghats have so much ,river cruise,peace,arti(puja),

So why Varanasi has a different experience to offer?I'll answer that question the best i can.

I will be Writing about in this website.....

  • Hindu and Buddhist Pilgrimage Places
  • 365 holi days in varanasi
  • must do in varanasi.
  • why i love efforts of some Foundations, those started the cleaning of Ganga waterfront .
  • best hotels in Varanasi.
  • my favourite Varanasi hotel ,where i stay.
  • the totally unique things that make Varanasi,Varanasi.
  • my no. 1 tip for sight seeing in Varanasi.
  • Hindu,Jain and Buddhist Temples and pilgrimage sites in and around Varanasi
  • The Ganges river cruise .
  • One day trip to nearby sites like Allahabad and Bodh Gaya.
  • more to come.

Kedar Ghat Varanasi photo.

Varanasi Blog about my recent discoveries in varanasi.
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