Ghat varanasi photo

ghat varanasi photo of the gigantic stone steps which look like an amphitheater.

I am standing near the main ghat.Dasashvamedha Ghat.Looking at the beautiful view of curving Ganga River.

ghat of varanasi photo.

Hari Chand ghat of varanasi photo

hari chand ghat of varanasi photo.

Cremation Ghats of Varanasi photos

Logs of wood stacked on the backside , for the dead bodies to be creamted .That happens all the time throughout the year.

manikarnika cremation ghats of varanasi photos.

This sign says it all.Fortunate are the people, who resides on the banks of Ganga.

The Ghats are briming with an immense gathering of people,bathing in the river splashed with sandalwood paste.

Heaps of red,yellow and white flowers for offering to the God,woman in different color saris create a riot of colors.

Harish Chandra Ghat.

harish chander ghat varanasi photos.

Washing of the Ghats by volunteers, just before evening Ganga Arti.This is near the Chauki ghat and the Kedar Ghat,nearby Jain temple in Bachraj Ghat .

ganga ghat varanasi photos.

Dom (sanskrit word for the person, who cremates the body),and collects the clothes ,jewellery from the dead people before burning them. Here they are waiting for the next body to be cremated.

Kedar Ghat

Kedar Ghat of varanasi photo.

Boys playing cricket, near the main Ghat (banks of the Ganges). This is near Rashmi guest house.(Man Mandir Ghat)

Ganga ghat Varanasi photos.

Eastern side of the Ganges.This is a sandy area,gets flooded during rains.

ganga cremation ghat varanasi photos.

A boatman ,his life starts and ends on the Ganges Ghats.

Ganga cremation ghat photos-Varanasi.

Banaras varanasi photo.

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