My Top Tip For map of varanasi

Though i don't need a tour guide ,as i can speak hindi very well. But if you are not fully conversant with it, you need to hire a Varanasi tours guide.

There are number of tour guides -- Rai(government approved),is an experienced,pleasant and will explain you everything in a great way.

During your stay in Varanasi (Benaras) ,Benaras tours professional Guides will present highlights of the Varanasi city to you including temples, monuments , roman catholic diocese in varanasi near Cantonement and other important sites. They will give you the complete information about varanasi and tell you the legend of The Lord Shiva (Hindu god of death) ,as well as good connections in persons, and places that will make your visit memorable.

And there are many professional guides in banares .

You may request your hotel manager for a tour guide, or you may contact banaras tourism ,for a goverenment approved guide .Their office is just outside Varanasi railway station.

I will write about some good Tour guides ,their charges and other details.

Varanasi Ghats