Aghori are disciples of Shiva.Their biggest ashram is in varanasi.Awadhoot Kinaram Ashram Math.Aghori Kinaram is said to be the Reincarnation of Shiva.

With number of skulls hanging outside the gate may scare you at first.Going inside you will find many tantrics taking bath in a pond(Kreem Kund).You could see here many yogis and yoginis in the lineage of Kinaram Avadhuta Siddha of Kashi.

Kreem Kund

Kinaram ashram mutt stahl(math) varanasi photo.

Aghora means an easy path,which is not fierce.It is opposite of the ghora, the difficult path.Wood brought from the cremation ground is given as prasad.Skulls are used for drinking of water through it.They cook their food through cremation pyres,sleep on graves.Aughurs are sanyasis which renounce the world and turn its values upside down.

Inside the ashram there is Krim Kund ,the manifest form of Lord Shiva.(Aghora Stahli/sthal/sthul).Dhuni(sacred fire is burning for last 400 years.61 Aughors samadhi shrine exist there. There is a library inside for research of Aghor(Aughar) tradition studies. It is said that aghor studies heal the mind , body and soul.

Bhagwan Dattatreya was the expounder of aghor teachings.But it is different than other studies like vedic studies. There is also a dispensary where medicine according to Aghoreshvars principles are made and distributed.

There is a book store outside the Muth(Math).Many books in english and local languages are available .

Aghora at a glance and other books available at Baba Kinaram sthal B3 /335,Ravindrapuri.Varanasi.

There are some books by Dr Barrett ,he was the surgeon of Aghor Baba.(Aghor Medicine.)

Aghor guru sewa peeth at Samne ghat,Mahesh Nagar,Nagwa pin 221005 ,has a Balashram school for under-priviledged children.

You could get the book, Oasis of stillness (Krim kund) by Aughar Harihar Ram .

Aghori varanasi photo.

It is about teachings of Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ramji Aughar. Tel contact is 00-91-0542-2368813.

Many CDs of Kirtan and many books in English are available here.

They also have an Ashram Sonoma,Sri Sarveshwari samooh.

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