Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga also known as Raja yoga.(Astanga yoga).This is traditional yoga continued among the kings belonging to the lineage of the Sun.You can learn this in Varanasi.

It's exponent was Hiranyagarbha.The word yoga originated from sanskrit work yuj or jung(Latin).Yoga is communion between self and the SELF.

There are 8 stages of yoga.The eighth stage is known as samadhi.The symptoms are when the body totally disappears.The visit of angels, fairies ,gods occurs during this stage.This also develops psychic powers.

In hatha yoga, it is training of the body.

Vag yoga (The sound yoga) technique developed by Dr Vagish Shastri based in Varanasi helps in raising Kundalini up,also awaken or arousal of energetic channels which are blocked.

Short term courses are available in Varanasi at Vag yoga Chetna peetham.Shivala.

Ashtanga yoga to Hindu meditation