Auto stands Varanasi

Enjoy the Indian Tuk Tuk experience .Hire an auto Rickshaw from auto stands Varanasi.For more details about local transport information varanasi you may check with the officer at the pre paid auto stands outside Varanasi railway station.

If you want to travel locally in the city of varanasi .May travel by an Auto(Tuk-Tuk)Also known as a "3 wheeler" or "auto rickshaw".

At the Railway station there is a pre paid auto stand booth. They are also available at Godowlia, Maldhaiya crossing , Lahurabir (Near Hotel Pradeep).

If you want to go from railway station to Ganges Ghat ,or even to Sarnath, take an Auto(Tuk-Tuk).Charges vary from 50 INR for Local travel to 100 INR for Sarnath.

You can go anywhere in Varanasi by an auto, just be careful to negotiate the fare.

auto stand varanasi

auto stands varanasi photo.

Pre paid auto stand varanasi

pre paid auto/taxi  stands, auto stands varanasi photo.

taxi stands varanasi

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