Beni madhav ka darera

beni madhav ka darera ( dharara ) was a temple and converted by Mughal rulers into a mosque.This is located near Panch ganga Ghat.

beni madhav ka darera photos.

Around 100 years ago there was a very high building at this place, but was razed down because of security reasons.

This Alamgir mosque at Panch Ganga Ghat is also known by this name.

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When there was a 100 ft. high building here , it is said one could see Qutub Minar in Delhi from here in Varanasi, with a telescope.

The Panch Ganga ghat where this place is located is very important for those pilgrims who come for kashi parikrma.Millions of Hindu pilgrims in Kashi come for this Parikrama (Walking on the Sacred Path).

Five rivers are said to confluence here .

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