culture of varanasi , spirit of the place..

Culture of Varanasi is visible in the life of the people.Eating Paan , Aloo chaat , taking bath at sacred bathing Ghats,praying at Temples and shopping in the by-Lanes of Varanasi.

Vishwanath temple gate 1.

vishwanath temple of varanasi photo.

At every nook and corner you could find a banarasi Paan shop (beatle leaf recipe ).Paan leaves are taken as a base to prepare this ,and varanasi is famous for its Banarasi Paan worldwide.You could find paan stains at many places.

Even many Bollywood movies mention it in the songs.Khaike paan banaras wala is one of such songs.

You will also see many famous chaat cafe in Varanasi.They say their secret receipe/receipes makes them the best chaat in entire north India.Try aloo paapdi(papri)ki indian chaat with special masala at Kashi Chaat stall near Godowlia.

Flowers for the God.

temple of varanasi photo.

ganges Boat Cruise

ganges cruise photo.

People of Varanasi meet at Akharas,These are mud arenas ,used for wrestling,weight lifting.

Whenever i have to meet local people to know more about them.I go to the famous Bada Ganpati(antar-rashtriya) Akhara near Maidagin .Yo have to walk through the narrow alley ways to reach there. Have a cup of Indian Chai with them.

people of varanasi photo.

You can see jodi,naal,Gada and all other tradition equipments.In the morning there is a wrestling match everyday.

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