Ganga ceremony .....The mother Ganges is revered in india

Ganga ceremony. This ritual called Ganga Arti is performed by seven priests on Dashashwamedh Ghat Varanasi.The goddess Ganga(Ganges) is revered in India,(Ganges)as Mother Ganga.

Every day this is the offering of fire puja to the goddess Ganges . The celeberations starts at 7.00 in the evening every day.

Arond INR 100000 is spent everyday on this by the Management of the trust on Dasaswmedh Ghat,But On DEV Deepavali ,which falls on the last day of Kartik Month (full moon Day) arond INR 1500000 is spent , this is on 13th Nov 2008 this year.Also known as the Ganga Mahostava,which lasts for 5 days.

Millions of earthen lamps are hanged from bamboos around the ghats.

Boat cruise booking starts for this day atleast months in advance.One of the most spectacular ceremony in The North India.

42 disciples offer mother ganga aarti on this day compared to 7 every day.Ghat of varanasi scene is different on that day.

Otherwise Ceremony on the main ghat is famous.But other ghats like Raja ghat , Tulsi ghat and many more have a smaller ceremony too at the same time.

mother ganges photo.

This snake idol is also a part of the worship.

mother ganga ceremony photo.

ganges aarti ceremony photo.

Ganga ghat Varanasi ceremonies

ganges ghat varanasi ceremonies photo.

These seven priests pray and chant mantras , amid noises of bells and music.This is a memorable and a spectacular visual sight .

mother ganges photo.

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