Hindu Meditation

Hindu Meditation /Kundalini meditation is a Vedic technique only taught in Varanasi.There are many teachers based here, who teach this ancient/traditional hindu meditation.

The technique for Kundalini awakening involves the Sakti(Kundalini power) meeting God Siva.It also involves being aware of energy moving along Cakras in the serpant power form.

This meditation has the power to cure diseases , bring mental peace .

Through this the yogi can listen to vibrations without imagination.Awaken the inner goddess and helps in union with the supreme power Shiva.

The Master ,Acharaya Vagyoga Shastri teach these courses in Varanasi at his institute.Students from around the world attend these courses and teach this meditation technique in their countries.A 3 hours Kundalini meditation course is for the tourists in Varanasi.

Hathayoga,Third eye course of longer duration.

Many seminars are also conducted regularly .Facility of learning sanskrit and gypsy language is also there.

Hindu Meditation to Vishwanath temple
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