Learning Sanskrit

Learning Sanskrit is simlified by The Vagyoga Technique developed by Gurudev Dr. Vagish Shastri a Sanskrit Guru based in Varanasi.

The Sanskrit grammatical arduous task of memorization through a Mnemonic Technique of Instruction ,Conversational Sanskrit can now be learnt in 3000 hours.

Gurudav applies Phonetically , Musical, Philosophical and Mathematical and Natural Laws in his Unique teaching. His family is conversant in Sanskrit as its their mother tongue.

Six Week Course and Three month Course is Conducted here.

He also has written a book CONVERSATIONAL SANSKRIT specially for the English initiate. These topics cover mostly daily Sanskrit Conversational sentences .This unique book will be indispensable to the person who desires to learn conversational Sanskrit.

There is also The Sanskrit Vishvavidyalaya,it is a full fledged Sanskrit University in Varanasi .

Sampoornanad Sanskrit University photo.

Though the whole city is a sort of University.This one came into existence in 1791,on the 28 Oct. near Maidagin in Varanasi.

Shastra-arthas (Public Debates) are also organized in Varanasi during Nag Panchmi. Varanasi the cultural Capital of India has the biggest Sanskrit University in The world. Sampurnanand Sanskrit University is more than 220 years old.

Here you can learn Vedic Sanskrit ,Sanskrit translation,Sanskrit writing,Sanskrit dialact, Sanskrit characters (alphabets).

Patanjali and Shankaracharya the reputed Sanskrit scholars are said to have lived in Varanasi.

When you are in Varanasi , May visit these universities to witness the ancient Indian Culture of chanting of Hymns in this oldest Language of the world.

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