Map of Varanasi

I use this map of Varanasi every time i have to guide someone to travel to Varanasi.

There are Ghats, Temples , Restaurants ,Airport,Train station, University ,Roads .

This is the best map for vacations in Varanasi.Thanks to this facility of Google Earth.

This is Ghat area of Varanasi.In the middle is the Dasaswmedh Ghat.To the left of River(Black stripe in the middle is Ganges River.)

Manikarnika Ghat ,where dead are burn is next to this ghat in the north side(along the river).

The Golden temple is also nearby this main ghat.

Assi Ghat is in the south ,in the north is Rajghat.BHU is in the south next to Assi Ghat.(see only the left portion of the river.As right side of the River is a sandy area.)

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