mid price varanasi restaurants ......is famous for it's mid eastern food.

Haifa restaurant

This restaurantis in assi area of varanasi. A very famous restaurant , Mostly mid eastern food is avaialable there.

Mideastern Thali- Hummos(mashed boiled chick peas), Pita bread, Babaganauj,Falafel; Labaneh(Yogurt Cheese)

haifa restaurant varanasi photo.

haifa restaurant Varanasi Photo.

haifa varanasi restaurant Photos.

haifa mid eastern food restaurant varanasi photo .

Good service, Must visit if you want to have a delicious mid eastern lunch.

They also have a 3 star Hotel next to the restaurant.

El Parador Restaurant

Run by a family near Parade Kothi ,Next to Rail Station.Visit for Pasta,Momos.

El Parador varanasi restaurant photo.

Open Hand Coffee Shop and Cafe

Near Assi Ghat this is a Coffee shop and Cafe.Dumraon Bagh Colony.

Open Hand shop varanasi restaurant photo.

Ganga Fuji Restaurant Vishwanath Gali

They offer best indian and Continental food.Non veg is not available, but Egg is there.

There is a live concert every day at 7.30 P.M.

Bread of Life Bakery

Bread of life bakery Varanasi restaurant photo.

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