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Through the picture of ghat of Varanasi1 you can visualize that Varanasi is dharma kshetra.Also a ford (tirtha).

Devotees come here for a pilgrimage Panchkroshi involving 50 K.M. trek.It takes 6 days to complete it.

Shiva Linga a cylindrical black stone set into a circular base.Erect shaft is male aspect of the God and circlar is Shakti feminine side of the God.

Everything is said to be exist within Linga.Jyotirlinga -the linga of light is the first shiva linga and appeared in Kashi.

The three linga are Omkareshwara , Vishwaveshwara and Avimukteshwara(which means never foresaken).

In Kashi the law of Karma is not applicable.64 yoginis were sent by Shiva here , but fell in love with the city.

There are 330 million gods of Hindu Pantheon. in Kashi.

picture-of-ghat-of-varanasi photo 1.

picture-of-ghat-of-varanasi photo.

picture-of-ghat-of-varanasi photo 1.

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