Religious temples varanasi

Religious temples Varanasi,you should visit ,if you want to know every thing about Hinduism.

1. Vishwanath Temple

This temple in BHU campus, varanasi is taller than Taj. Height of Taj is 242 Feet . Height of Vishwanath Temple is 252 Feet .

If you want to know more about Hinduism , this is the place to be. All Hindu Deities are said to be present here. 2.Sankat Mochan Mandir(Hindu Temple)

This is the Temple where Tulsidas wrote Hindu Epic Ramayana.This is the only temple of God Hanuman(monkey God) where it is said, he appeared in this temple.

3. Tulsimanas Mandir(Hindu Temple)

This is a marble temple ,with verses from the Ramayana Epic engraved on its walls.This is near the sacred monkey temple.

4. Bharat Mata Temple.

To scale map of India is made of marble. One of its type temple in india.

bharat mata temple photo.

bharat mata temple photo2.

5. Nepali Temple

This temple has erotic wooden sculpture.

Nepali temple photo.

Nepali temple photo.

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