siddhartha gautama

Siddhartha gautama (Buddha) gave first sermon in Sarnath,Varanasi.Many Buddhist Monastries are there in varanasi.

Buddha sarnath varanasi photos.

Bodhi Tree under which the first sermon Was promugated ,2520 years ago is in the Isipatan Deer park inside the Mulgandha Kuti Vihar.Buddha promulgated the saddhama here.

Mulgandha kuti vihar

Mulgandha kuti vihar sarnath varanasi photos.

Dhamekh stupa,it's old name was Dharma chakra is located near the ruins.In a small village Sarnath near ganges Ghats .This is a pilgrimage temple for Buddhist.

Asoka(Ashoka) pillar is also in the deer park.Jin Vihar has many deers inside the park.

Ashoka /asoka pillar sarnath varanasi photos.

Chaukhandi stupa,where first erstwhile companion of Buddha met him is also nearby.

Many buddhist monastries ,Wat Thai temples, Buddhist university are now set up near Deer Park, where the sermon was delivered.

Japanese monastry

Sleeping Buddha

Japanese monastry sleeping buddha sarnath varanasi photos.

These are maintained by Maha Bodhi socity,founded by Anagarika Dharmapal.

An archaeological heritage museum is also there in the Sarnath city, you could see buddhist images , stupas dating thousands of years ago.

Indian Lion capital from that period is also placed there.

Birla dharmashala Guest house maintained by Buddhist organzation is just opposite the Park.

Bodhi tree

Bodhi tree sarnath varanasi photos.

Two government of Uttar pradesh run 2 hotels,which are nearby.Information center is also inside the hotel.

There is also a railway station, trains from Varanasi are regular.

From Varanasi station , could take an auto rickshaw or a cab.It is just 15 minutes from there.

From Varanasi Airport, it is around half an hour.

You could also visit Bodh Gaya (One day trip) .As Buddha got Enligtened there ,also Hindus perform a ritual Pind daan for their parents soul.

Maha Bodhi society has it's head quaters there.Bodhi tree and a temple.80 feet siddhartha gautama(Buddha) statue is also nearby.

Millions of pilgrims visit this place every year.

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