The gifted ones

Spiritualism can move all of us at some time or another. Some of us experience it, while others don’t.

For those of us that have been spiritually moved by someone or something in our lives, the experience is life-changing. People living in South East Asia often follow spiritual leaders, do as they say, please them in every possible way and believe that all good or bad will come from them.

Treading on this path, they are often misled and forget their own beliefs. The entire basis of their religion is shaken and questioned. Still, illiteracy being widespread, it is no surprise that people follow the mob psychology aimlessly.

Having said so, this is not always the scenario. There are no doubt, real spiritual leaders who touch our lives and our souls in a way that cannot be ignored.

They are God gifted, and are blessed with a presence that can be felt even in their absence. The tricky part is that these people are few and far between. You would be lucky to come across even one in your entire life.

If you do, hold on with both hands. Stay close to that person and try to learn as much possible from their experience and guidance. You will definitely feel a feeling of serenity and calmness engulf you. You will start to notice that all your errands will get done, your troubles will start to melt away and your fears will vanish as if they were never there to begin with.

It's not that Godly powers become vested in a human being but, the fact is that it is God who has bestowed these powers in a particular person and he has blessed that being with something special, extraordinary…

The spirit is more powerful than the body, yet most of us pass life without even experiencing one spiritual moment. Thank you for your site about Varanasi Ganges.

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