Varanasi bars and restaurants

In varanasi there are many bars and restaurants.

But which Varanasi restaurants to try?

I searched left, i searched right part of the Ganga Ghat area. I surveyed people living on Varanasi. The advice?

"Try Lotus lounge. Theirs Continental food is unbeatable."

I made my way down to Mansarowar Ghat ,

Soon i saw the place ,on the first floor ...

Lotus lounge Varanasi photo.

Lotus lounge.

A peaceful oasis in varanasi.

Lotus lounge Varanasi photo.

Lotus lounge restaurant Varanasi photo.

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Varanasi bars are in "Lahurabir" area,around 1 K.M. from the main Ghat area.You could find atleast five good bars in this old city area.There are many good restaurants in this area too.

Yafah Restaurant

Near Assi Ghat.

Visit for Israeli and Arabian food.

Yafah Restaurant Varanasi photo.

Haifa Restaurant

Famous for Israeli food.Near Assi Ghat.

Yafah Restaurant Varanasi photo.

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