varanasi temple tour india

There is nothing like varanasi temple tour india.

manikarnika ghat temple

manikarnika temple photo.

I Love varanasi.The sound of temple bells,looking at the river ganges for hours. I have seen each and every part of varanasi.So i tried something new .

Kal Bhairav temple

Kaal Bhairav temple photo.

One day boat tour of varanasi temples.I hired a boat at Dasaswmedh ghat ,and saw all the temples alongside of the river ganges.

In winter season ,one can go for boat cruise for five hours straight,but don't forget to carry food items,water bottles,and of-course hire a person who plays sitar , who will make the day musical for you.

And watch hundreds of temples/sacred places along the river ganges.

boat tour varanasi

boat cruise tour varanasi photo.

boat tour varanasi photo.

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