Varanasi tourist place

Vishwanath temple Gali(alleys) is the favorite varanasi tourist place / spots of everyone coming to varanasi.

This lane(alley) next to the Golden Temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. He is said to be staying here.

Mini Bells for sale near the temple.

Many hindu followers have a temple at their homes.These bells are used there,during prayers.

 vishwanath mandir gali photo.

Traditional Indian Colorful Bangles

Women wear these on their wedding day.The sound of glass bangles is very different than other bangles.


Idols at a shop


These are made of Ivory.Other ivory arts work is also available here.

Religious threads

Religious saints(sadhus) wear these .

 vishwanath temple road photos.

Earthen tea cups

 tea cups.

Costumes for Idols

 dresses for the god.

Hindu god idols

 hindu god idols.

Sweets shop

You can try indian sweets .

 indian sweets.

tourism of varanasi revolves around it's Aleyways.varanasi travelers places are near it's ghats.

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