Vedic sex

Vedic sex objective is to attract wife for sexual intercourse.

Brhadaranyakopanishad Upanishads says wife is the fire.Intercourse is the burning charcoal.

The word yoni originated from sanskrit word Yu means to join or to attract.

If a couple wants to beget a son,catch the bride's thumb.

Wife well versed in sex science is known as an auspicious lady.

Foetus in the left left womb produces a girl.The husband arouses the gods residing in the woman.This can be done by knowing about the lunar and solar rays existing in the woman's body.

Kamadeva the god of lust is worshiped by passing of hands over her body and catching her thumb.There are 5 cupid of Kamadeva.

This science can be learn along with other forms of yoga in Varanasi.

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